Students - Health Professions Mentor Program (HPMP) Application

Quick Links: Application Form (NEW participants only) RETURNING participants may login using the same username/password as last year and submit your application for the current year by editing your Profile.

The Program
The Health Professions Mentor Program (HPMP) provides UCSD undergraduates the opportunity to form a relationship with a UCSD or community health professional who will serve as a mentor to assist in preparation for a future career in one of the health professions. Matches will be made online, on a priority basis, first-come, first-served. Placements will begin in Fall Quarter. These may include a "sneak peek" (one visit), a "limited mentorship" (three visits) or a 'full mentorship' (six or more visits, through the end of the school year). There is no summer program. Participants will agree to comply with all aspects of the program, including attending an orientation in Fall Quarter, keeping an online journal, responding to inquiries from the coordinator during the mentorship and filling out an evaluation at the end of the school year. All participants will be expected to maintain a professional demeanor at all times during the mentorship.

***If you choose a mentor with a hospital-based practice, you may be required to undergo the volunteer training specific to that hospital before you can shadow your mentor. Most hospitals require a one-year commitment from their volunteers. This commitment will be on top of your mentorship.
UCSD undergraduates who are enrolled in the Health & Medical Professions Preparation Program (HMP3) are eligible to apply for the Health Professions Mentor Program (HPMP). Applicants must attend an orientation in order to receive their mentor. Priority is given to seniors and juniors with a 3.0 overall GPA and above. Sophomores are eligible if there are enough mentors. Priority points are given for each of the following: completing all requirements of the mentor program during the previous year, attending the spring Health Professions Meet & Greet the previous year, meeting the priority deadline for registration and attending the fall Health Professions Mentor Program Orientation. Bonus points for GPA are also taken into consideration.
Application Procedure
A completed Health Professions Mentor Program application includes the following:
  1. Verify HMP3 enrollment status.
    If not already enrolled as an active member, Enroll for the Current Academic Year.
  2. Submit the online application. Your academic record will be verified by the HMP3 Coordinator.
  3. Attend the Mentor Program Orientation during Fall Quarter (for priority placement) or view the orientation online and pass the post-test, when it becomes available (for late placement).
  4. A drop-in appointment with the HMP3 Coordinator to turn in your paperwork, consisting of three legal documents and your list of goals for the mentorship, is required. Your mentorship will be approved and you will receive your mentor's contact information at this appointment.
Application Deadline
Priority registration dates are June 1 - June 30, for placement in the upcoming school year. Applications will continue to be accepted through the 8th week of Winter Quarter, while there are still mentors available.